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Dear Writer, Are You Inspired?

Dear Writer, Are You Inspired?

Dear Writer,

Is your brain totally empty? Are you desperate even for a few words? Do you feel like you can’t continue with these characters? Or maybe you can’t even find your story idea? Or maybe, just maybe, do you find yourself thinking stuff like, “I’m never going to be a good writer” or “why even bother if I can’t even get words on the page?” Do you drown your miseries with chocolate?

Trust me, you’re not the only one. I’ve done all of them except the last one. *winks*

But writer, there could be two reasons you have this time of ‘no inspiration’. It’s not that hard to figure it out.

You have burn-out.


You’re not looking in the right places for inspiration.

Let’s figure out which one it is.


Every author cringes at this word. (At least, I do.) Imagine your brain as a pond. *readers squint to see if they read that right* You sure did.

Ponds can be just awesome. You can see fish, lily pads, and the occasional frog. It’s blossoming with life and it can be a crazy good place to look at when you write. If you would bear with me, when you pour out creativity you’re slowly draining your pond. You’re pouring all those brilliant ideas onto pages. However, there comes a point when the pond’s empty. You feel down, all the words you write feel like trash, and you are sure you will never be a writer.


Your pond, brain, whatever, needs to be re-filled. Burnout is not the absence of creativity, it’s actually proof that you are a creative person. You need to pour water into that pond. If you don’t, you’ll dry up. 

If you feel like this is you, relax. I have some tips on how to take advantage and fill up your pond. Okay, I’m officially done with that metaphor. 


Hello procrastination, my old friend….

No, seriously, procrastination is a writer’s nemesis, and most of the time it wins. I will later post a full article on fighting procrastination but for now, here are some tips. 

  1. Don’t ignore it. 

Don’t lie to yourself and say that you are actually not procrastinating. First of all, that’s simply not true, and second, you are not taking advantage of the victory that comes when you actually put words on a page!

  1. Don’t say your burnt out when you’re actually not.

Your creativity will suffer! Procrastination and burn-out are very different things. Burn-out is when you have nothing to give. Procrastination is when you have things to give but you simply don’t feel like it.

So, examine yourself. See, if you’re actually burnt out or if it’s just your inner laziness saying. “I don’t want to think!” 

But now that we have examined your heart, let’s look at those inspiration tips.

  1. Read Books

I don’t even need to talk about this. It comes from the simple truth that writers READ. Tackle War and Peace, go to your local library, and check out those books that have been on your reading list since last May.

If you know what’s up, get out a long list of classics and read them one by one. Bonus points if you list what makes them a perfect example of literature. Reading books blossoms your inner writer. 9/10 you became a writer because you love books and were influenced by them.

  1. Listen to Music

If anyone knows me they will figure out that I’m addicted to music. For me, music unlocks creativity in me. I love making character playlists. If you want to check out my playlists for inspiration they are right here. These songs show me their inner conflict and personality. It also makes me love them so much more!

  1. Go outside.

Don’t roll your eyes at me and groan. I don’t care if I sound like your PE teacher. It is a proven fact that exercise causes creativity to blossom. Take a hike and note the setting. It might be for your next book! Don’t even think about writing. Put in your headphones and just enjoy creation. Let your mind have a break.

  1. Find another Hobby

This is one of my favorites. It can be pretty hard because writing is so important. Start drawing, start a blog, start knitting. The lists are endless. You spend so much time writing that it’s time to play chess, dance like you’re crazy, and spend time with friends. Writers are usually introverts so go do something with family! Enjoy it!

  1. Learn the Craft of Writing 

This is the time to learn how to craft addicting characters, brilliant settings, and gorgeous plots. The internet can be pretty overwhelming at first. There is so much on writing and it’s all at your disposal usually for free. 

  1. Read… this website. (You’re doing it right now. You’re already doing great.) *hugs*
  2. Check out Reedsy, The Young Writer’s Workshop, the Story Embers website. These are great websites with tons of free templates and resources! Enjoy! 
  3. Also, check out some of the books on writing! There are so many books it’s just finding what’s helpful.

Those are the main ones. Here are some that don’t need explaining.

6. Find pics of characters! I absolutely heart this.

7. Listen to writer’s podcasts.

8. Dance

9. Ask God for creativity

10. Read encouraging quotes.

11. Make a writing binder

12. Make presents for people!

13. Watch your favorite movie or TV Show

14. Cook something with your family

15. Look at writing contests

16. Join a club

17. Actually do that schoolwork you need to

18. Like this blog! Comment and tell me what helps you when you face burnout. What are some of your hobbies aside from writing? 

So dear writer, feeling inspired?

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