Help Me Get to 100 Subscribers!

Help Me Get to 100 Subscribers!

Hello friends! It’s an exciting day because I have a challenge for you! We are almost to 100 subscribers and I would love for you to help me get there!

These few months I’ve been preparing for the vision of this blog. A place to encourage all writers to influence the world greatly through their stories and give God glory!

Story-telling is powerful.

But anyway, I would love to share this with as many people as possible and as most of you know, I love goals!

100 subscribers have been a milestone for a while now and while I have been sharing it with friends or family, you can too!

I would love for you to contact maybe a few friends who are interested in writing or just reading! It would be so awesome for them to join the community!

Anyways, we are almost there and I will definitely be posting a super HYPED post when we arrive!

See ya around!

Eden 😉

Comment below and tell me what you think would make this website better! I love hearing all the suggestions!

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