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Introducing From Beginning To End: The Story Crafting Method

Introducing From Beginning To End: The Story Crafting Method

You’ve had dreams.

In some, you’re hedged over your computer, head blossoming with ideas, fingers running across your keyboard as fans wait outside starved for the next installment of your blockbuster series.

In others, you simply have the feeling of, “Yes, this is it. This is the idea I’ve been waiting for. This is my character. I can hear their voice in my sleep. This setting is gorgeous, it is basically alive and has a personality of its own. And ah, this plot. This roller-coaster will grab on to anyone and won’t let them go till The End on page 648.”

And finally, there is the dream that you’ve clung to since day one. The moment when your book *you heard me right* YOUR BOOK is placed into your hands. You can smell that woodish, new book scent, run your fingers over creamy pages filled with your words, and be awe-struck at the dazzling cover.

Yeah, those are some big dreams, writer.

And sometimes, they feel like just that. Dreams.

You might have been writing since you were very small or you might have just started.

However, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter when you start but why you start.

Some write because they want to become famous, make money, or because it’s ‘cool’.

Honestly, though, if it’s just to ‘get famous’, you might as well close your computer at this very moment. I’m sorry, however beautiful it sounds, New York Times Bestselling Author will not motivate you when your book feels like a tangled ball of string that was dragged through the mud and then chewed on by your dog…. *trust me, it’s not that bad, but author brains, we’re MADE for imagination*

Let me ask you.

Why do you write?

Before you even start the first page, ask yourself this.

I’ve learned that to prepare myself and to keep myself grounded and on track, I need to know this purpose.

Why do I do this? What does writing mean to me?

Before you read on, I press you to pull out some highlighters, a nice pen, and a journal, and just write for 5-10 minutes on why you write. Then find your main message, only a few sentences, and put it up on the wall. Instead of seeing Future Internationally Awarded Author or Book of the Year, you’ll see this simple phrase.

And depending on what it is, it could mean so much more.

For me, writing is my way of worship. It’s how I communicate. It’s how I pull all the messy thoughts and messages I want to share with the world and bring them to life in characters.

I’ve cried over books. I laughed. I still have my favorite, childhood books and will probably die before someone can take them. I re-read certain sections that meant so much to me OVER AND OVER AGAIN until I’ve practically memorized them.

I know books change lives. They’ve been doing it since the beginning. *cough, cough, Bible*

I write because I know that the Lord is an author and I want to mirror him.

I write because it’s something that wells up inside of me, and when I’m pouring words out, I know this is it. This is a little of what I’m made to do.

Honestly, this feeling is something only writers understand. Like it’s something only artists understand when they paint a beautiful scene or chefs when they create a delicious dish. I can enjoy their products but the feeling of creative energy, passion, and love is something unique to the artist.

So, why do you write?

Disclaimer, writing is HARD but it is achievable. You can climb whatever mountain top that Lord has for you in his strength and power. So, take hold of your dreams and give them to the Lord.

Even before you come up with your idea, before you write your first page, before ANYTHING you need to get your heart right.

If you have that, you will be able to get through every trial that comes your way.

So, you want to know how to start a story, right?

Thanks for asking. 😉

Let me introduce you to a series that has been on my heart and brain for some time. I’m going to cover, from beginning to end, my story crafting method. I’ve taken notes on my process and have researched other bestselling authors’ processes and now have combined it all into a reasonable, logical process. Like always, this method is not the end-all. Take some tips, discard others, and basically salt to taste.

So, spend some time this weekend meditating on why you write.

Prepare yourself for the journey ahead. It’s going to be hard, but it will be worth it.

Let’s start your story and get those dreams.

See ya!

eden 🙂

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